Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

If you are not happy with the shade of colour of your teeth then you can do something about it and get your teeth whitened.

Over time our teeth change colour due to our daily lives. Eating, drinking, smoking and time can all attribute to your teeth changing colour. It is your choice if you would like to remove stains and discolouration. A teeth whitening is one of the most popular oral treatments out there.


Your visit will entail if you are suitable for a teeth whitening procedure. Sometimes patients are not able to receive teeth whitening because of tooth decay, gum disease or over-sensitive teeth. Sometimes an x-ray is needed.

Your Shade

If you are able to get your teeth whitened then your dentist will go over the different shades of colour with you.

First Visit

Impressions are made in a mould for whitening trays which are used to whiten your teeth. It’s important you receive whitening trays just for you.

Second Visit

When you return your dentist will have your teeth whitening kit ready for you. He or She will then give you advice on how to use it at home

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