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Dental Examinations Dublin

The most common dental service is a checkup or examination. We look after our patients and that includes regular dental examinations. We will ask you some questions if you are a new patient to Merrion Square Dental. Existing patients may be asked about changes since their last visit to the clinic. This is standard procedure so we have a good history of your dental health.

Oral Examination

The inside of your mouth will be examined including your gums, teeth, cheeks, your tongue and the roof and floor of your mouth. Any existing fillings or crowns will be assessed too.

Gums Assessing

Your gums will be assessed as they are the structure that holds your teeth in place. A periodontal will be used to assess your gums. Don’t worry, it’s soft.

Teeth Cleaning

If your teeth are in need of a service then the dentist may suggest that you have your teeth cleaned while at the examination. This only takes a few minutes and can remove tartar, plaque and build up on teeth. It makes it easier for the dentist to assess your teeth and around the gums and it is beneficial to your teeth appearance.


In some cases, an x-ray may be needed to better assess your teeth structure, bones and existing fillings or crowns. An OPG or full mouth x-ray may be required also.

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