Dental Cleaning

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Dental Cleaning

The normal rate of a dental clean is at least once every six months. We advise our patients to adhere to this in order to keep your teeth in great condition. This regular clean will reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. The cleaning involves a small polishing to the surface of your teeth. All the stains an tartar that has built up will be taken care of.

Some tips for home

It doesn’t end at our clinic in Merrion Square. To keep your teeth clean and healthy you should take note of the following advice.

Brushing your teeth

The most obvious advice is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing gets rid of materials which can lead to plaque.


The gaps in between your teeth are just important and a toothbrush can’t always get to them tough to get areas. Flossing is the key to getting into these areas and cleaning.

Your Diet Matters

We all know by now which foods and drinks are bad for teeth. Sugary foods such as chocolate bars and fizzy drinks are bad but it goes deeper than that. The timing of meals is a factor like snacking between meals should be avoided. This will not only help with your oral health but your general health.

Other Advice

  • Take your time when brushing, you should brush for 4 minutes in total. 2 minutes on top and 2 minutes on the bottom. Learn the proper way to brush also.
  • If you notice bleeding gums while brushing please ring us and make an appointment.
  • Make sure you get a checkup regularly, it’s difficult in our busy daily lives but it is important.
  • Try quitting smoking, it’s not good for your overall health and that includes your teeth.
  • If you or someone else notices issues such grinding in your sleep please make sure you report it to us so we can advise you what to do about it.

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