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Simply put, orthodontics is the alignment of teeth. Braces for adults and children have developed substantially in recent years and we’ll ensure to fit only the best-fitting, light orthodontics for you or your family member.

Orthodontic Treatment

Typically patients are aged 8 to 17 but adults can also get braces to straighten their teeth. Your dentist will assess you on your first visit and will plan a full course treatment. And because each patient is different every decision and choice will be tailored just for you.

Types of Braces

There are 3 types of Braces.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces are the most common and popular braces on the market. They are cemented onto each tooth applying a gentle pressure that will end up over the course of months straightening your teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces are coloured white so they blend into the colour of your teeth. They are not very noticeable so they are a good choice for adults.

Invisalign Braces

These Braces are custom made for your mouth. They are clear and barely visible so they are an excellent choice for patients. You are able to eat and brush your teeth normally while wearing.

Length of Orthodontic Treatment

There is no easy answer to this because every patient is different. Usually, treatment depending on the braces chosen and severity of the case treatment can take between 6 – 24 months.

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