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Children’s Dental Care


Children’s Dentist Dublin

We love to see children at Merrion Square Dental. It is great to treat children before any problems arise. Getting dental checks, brushing teeth and maintaining teeth while young cement the future of your child’s dental health. At Merrion Square Dental we make sure that your children’s dental health is of utmost importance.

Some problems that can arise for Children’s Dental Health

  • Children love sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks, it’s one of the great things about being a child. However, these great things ain’t so great for their teeth. We will diagnose any problems or future problems your child may have with their teeth and gums.
  • We look after your child when they are an infant. Such things as baby teeth analysis. We can fill baby teeth that have been affected by tooth erosion and decay. This ultimately will prevent extractions at an early age.
  • We have plenty of advice for parents and children whose children’s high diet of acid and sugar leads to bad teeth.
  • We can diagnose issues such as adult teeth that have not been developing correctly or tooth crowding.
  • We can also diagnose braces for your young ones too.

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