Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is the cleaning and then filling of a root canal of the tooth. Decay can lead to a tooth infection. Even accidental damage can lead to an infected tooth, root canal treatment can fix this without having to remove the tooth. If a tooth is infected it’s important to get root canal treatment on it because the infection can spread which leads to swelling and the tooth having to be removed.

Root Canal Procedure

The procedure is straightforward and painless. Root Canal Treatment is a lot like a filling only some minor pain can be felt afterwards because of the infection. Your dentist will usually prescribe you painkillers to help with the pain.

Root Canal is usually a 2 visit treatment.

  1. The first visit involves drilling a small hole into the infected tooth and filling it with the temporary filling.
  2. The second visit is where the tooth is filled to the tip with a rubber stopper.

Your tooth will, for the most part, look fine after treatment. Sometimes it can be whitened or crowned. The treatment is very successful so there is nothing to worry about.

Crown after treatment

Sometimes your dentist will advise you to get a crown after the procedure. This will depend on how weak your tooth is. If in the case where a tooth is weak and a crown is not applied, then there may be a chance it could break down in future years.

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