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Dentures in Dublin

Dentures are false teeth or fake teeth that are removable. They are made of plastic and metal. Our Denture treatment is different for each patient and custom made so we make sure that your dentures fit perfectly. You can avail of the two types of denture treatment which are partial and full.

Partial dentures are for one or more missing teeth whereas full dentures are a full set of dentures for patients with no teeth.

Dentures Procedure

You will meet with your dentist and your mouth will be analysed and a mould will be created. It may take up to 5 visits to get it right through various shaping.

  1. The first step is to get an impression which will be a custom mould used to create your denture.
  2. Bite Moulds are also used to check your biting, at this point you can usually select the colour and shape of your new denture.
  3. Fitting will occur during your visits where you will try your new dentures. If any adjustments need to be made at this point then the dentures will be adjusted to fit perfectly to your needs.

Your new dentures may feel strange at first but that is normal. Over time, you will get adjusted to them. Actions like eating, drinking and speaking will take some time to get used to also. Your dentist will advise you on what products such as adhesives to purchase in order to have the optimum feel.

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