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Extractions in Dublin

if one of your teeth has gone past the point of repair, extraction may be required. We’ll x-ray the area and offer you the best advice on your extraction. Post-treatment care is also crucial and we’ll tell you the ‘do’s and dont’s’ of everyday life for the days after your extraction.


In some cases, you may be required to get an x-ray. This is to get a better look at the full structure of the tooth/teeth and gums.

Your Comfort First

Your dentist will apply a topical anaesthetic which is a special gel that freezes the gum area. He/She will administer a local anaesthetic which will numb the gum area also. These anaesthetics will ensure that the extraction is painless as possible.

Before the extraction is initiated your Dentist will make sure that the anaesthetics are okay for you and that you are comfortably numb. Once you are fully sure to continue the extraction can begin.

Extraction Aftercare


The majority of extraction aftercare is rather simple. As the anaesthetic wears off you may find some discomfort. The dentist will advise you on how to minimize discomfort once the extraction is finished. Some painkillers for a couple of days is the most common option.

Food, Drink and Smoking

You will be given advice on what to eat and drink. Soft foods are usually a good option. Hot food and drink are not recommended because it can cause discomfort to the empty socket. Try to avoid alcohol also.

If you can avoid smoking for a few days because cigarette smoke can affect the healing process and it can take longer to heal.

If Bleeding Occurs

Some bleeding may occur after an extraction, this is normal. Some minor bleeding can occur up to 24 hours after the extraction. If bleeding happens, roll a tissue to about 5cm thick and place it over the bleeding socket and bite down up to about 30 minutes. Usually, the bleeding will stop, if it does not contact us straight away.

Rinsing & Cleaning

A day after your extraction you should rinse your mouth out with warm salty water. Do not rinse before as this can disturb the healing process. Rinse out your mouth about 2 to 4 times a day after meals until the socket is fully healed.

You can brush your teeth normally but just take care around the extraction area for a few days until healed.

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