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If you are missing teeth but there are still stable teeth either side of a gap, you may need a bridge fitted. There are a number of options for dealing with missing teeth. These include acrylic dentures, nylon or valplast denture, chrome denture, adhesive bridge, fixed conventional bridge and dental implant. We’ll advise on the best solution for you and discuss all options with you.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Basically, if you have missing teeth and there are stable teeth on either side you can get a bridge fitted. Missing teeth can put the strain on the other teeth, also your other teeth may grow crooked because of the missing teeth, so for the reasons as well as appearance its important that you see us about getting a bridge fitted. A Dental Bridge is a false tooth/teeth attached to nearby teeth so a bridge is formed. Bridges can be used in conjunction with dental implants and the look natural.

Your dentist will help you decide what is the best treatment for your condition. Different conditions would be where the missing tooth/teeth are located. Bridges come in two different materials. Porcelain bridges and Ceramic bridges are uses and both can be colour matched according to the shade of your own teeth.

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